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Registration and Payment

A one-time introductory class is available for $25. During this class you will get a sense of Tibetan Tai-Chi by learning the first move in the series. If you wish to become a student, $35 registration fee is required at the time of enrollment.

Class fees are $95 per month. Beginners attend the Tuesday 5:30 pm class. Instruction is individual and progress through the 4 phases depends on your ability to learn and practice.

Tibetan Tai-Chi is a true long form with over 80 distinct moves with no repetitions (unlike the popular Yang style which has been simplified to 24 moves) and thus requires a serious commitment of time and effort to learn. Once you become adequately proficient, you can learn 2 QiGong sets, a Tibetan martial arts kata, and several other exercises that together constitute the Liu Seong System.